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As owners of innovative technology brands, we drive progress in the business market.

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    Things Tools

    Empowering Entrepreneurs with the Tools tech business They Need.

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    Developing Brands that Amplify Your Ideas into Success.

    Empowering Entrepreneurs to Thrive

    Digital Tools for Success

    In the dynamic landscape of innovation, we provide indispensable digital tools, empowering entrepreneurs to flourish in their endeavors. Our commitment is to equip visionary minds with state-of-the-art solutions that seamlessly transform ideas into thriving enterprises.

    Our Brands:

    • Miilapps
    • Milapay
    • Milasotres
    • Best of the City
    • Founding Business
    • Sales Solution
    Amic Holding: Pioneering Technological Ventures

    Shaping the businesses of the future, one innovation at a time

    In the realm of technological evolution, Amic Holding stands at the forefront, steering a course toward a future where innovation transforms possibilities into realities.


    Tailored app development, web software, and landing pages


    Your gateway to seamless e-commerce transactions and CRM solutions.


    Ecommerce - DIY-friendly CMS platform for virtual stores.

    Best of the City

    A digital magazine showcasing local and online businesses. Lo mejor de la Ciudad

    Founding Business

    A platform for sharing and cultivating entrepreneurial ideas

    Sales Solution

    Solution for Sales. For Colombia: Facturación Electrónica

    Digital Architects

    Crafting Digital Tools for business

    At the core of innovation, we are a dedicated team of technology developers with a singular focus on shaping the digital realm. With a passion for precision and a commitment to progress, we are the architects of a future built on cutting-edge solutions and transformative digital experiences.


    All Stages of Investment

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    You leave a request and our manager will contact you. Or you can call us yourself


    Booking Apartments

    You pay a deposit for the reservation of the apartment you selected


    First Installment

    During the construction phase, you pay 20% of the cost of the apartment



    During construction, you pay 30% in 3 installments. After commissioning, profit

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